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The Swimmers behind the goggles!!

Cameron De Klerk.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 17

I’m hardworking ,dedicated and goal orientated.

Notable Achievements:

  • Qualified for SSA Junior nationals in 2017

  • Participated in a SA schools gala 2018

  • 1:10 for 100m breaststroke


Stroke: Breaststroke

Set: 20 x 100m freestyle @1:30

Food: Curry

Series: Altered Carbon

Manuela Marggraff.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 16

I am a hard-working and dedicated person who strives for perfection. I enjoy spending time with my Friends and love doing sport. I enjoy the thrill and rush of adrenaline you get from competing as well as being fit.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place @ Level 3 regionals 2017 – 100m Fly

  • 2 records @ interhigh 2018 + 2019

  • 3 finals @ Level 3 Regionals 2017


Stroke: Fly

Set: Kicking

Food: Chicken strips

Christpher Pretorius.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 16

I am a really nice guy always trying to improve my self and teammates .

I work as hard as possible but also have some fun while I am at it .

I love swimming as I feel like it is a place where I can just focus on one thin and that is my swimming

Notable Achievements:

  • 2nd  in 50 Breastroke Final at NTS Champs 2019

  • 3 Finals 2019 NTS champs

  • 7th  in SA for 50m Breastroke 2019/2020


Stroke: Breaststroke

Set:        Sprints

Food:    Pasta

Movie:  Prince of Belaire

Janke Fourie.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 14

I see myself as a kind, funny, quiet and headstrong person. I love swimming and it is my passion. I love to set goals for myself and to work and achieve them. I enjoy my lazy days just chilling by the pool and spending time with my friends

Notable achievements:

  • Top Swimmer@ PAC gala 2018

  •  Finals@ level 3 2018-2019
    Finals@ Champ 2018-2019

  • Qualifying times for level 3 2017-2019

  • Bronze and Silver medals @ Champs 2018
    2 Bronze and 2 Silver medals @ Level 3 2019
    1 Bronze and 2 Silver medals @ Champs 2019


Stroke; Breaststroke

Set: Breaststroke kicking and the classic Hell Week Christmas Tree 

Food: Pasta

Movie/ Series: New Amsterdam and Chicago Med

Adrian Roets.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 16

I am a really out-going guy that always has a positive outlook on life. I work hard to achieve my

dreams while having fun in the process. I enjoy the little things in life but I especially love swimming.

I will always support my teammates and celebrate every victory with them.

Notable Achievements:

  • NTS Championships 2017, 2018, 2019.

  • 2 finals @NTS Champs 2018.

  • 6 gold medals @Regionals level 2 2018.


Stroke: Breaststroke

Set: 8x50s MS on 5:00 of the blocks

Food: Steak

Movie / Series: Seal Team

Cara Harradine.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 14

I am generally a very goofy and outgoing person. I am a huge introvert, but also enjoy some time with friends. I have a dark humor that not many people understand, and I struggle opening up to people, but overall, I am a very dedicated and hard working person.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place at level 2 regionals 2019

  • 4 finals at prestige 2019

  • Qualifying level 3 in three events


Stroke: Freestyle

Set: Christmas tree’s

Food: Sushi <3

Emma Roets.JPG


Level 3 Swimmer - 13

I am lovable, kind, enthusiastic and caring. I love swimming with all my heart. I have a passion for helping others. I am determined. I will always give my best.

Notable Achievements:

1. 1st place@ inter-high swimming, NTS champs 2017

2. Finals @ level 3 regionals 2019, NTS champs 2019

3. Qualifying times for level 3: 100, 200 and 400 meters freestyle and 200 im.

4. Level 3 regionals 2019 and level NTS champs 2018 and 2019


Stroke: Freestyle 

Set: Distance 

Food: Sushi

Movie/series: Riverdale



Level 3 Swimmer - 13

  • Naidene is a Gr 7 student in Laerskool Garsfontein. She holds two very important trophies in swimming. In 2015 when she was only 8 years old she received the best junior swimmer award at the school and in 2019 she was awarded with the Junior Victrix Ludorum at the Pretoria Aquatic club Gala. Naidene has more than 5 years of swimming experience and she is training with PAC. She has been registered with Northern Tigers since 2015. In competitions Naidene performs above her ability.

Lize Burness.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 12

I am 12 years old and go to school at Laerskool Constantiapark.  I love dancing, swimming and play netball.  I have blue eyes and light brown long hair.  At school I enjoy Maths and Art.  I am the youngest of my siblings and have a dream to compete at the Junior National Age group gala in the next swimming season.

Notable Achievements:

  • Finals SA level 2 Regional Age Group Gala 2018 (100m Breast)

    • Finals NTS Championship 2018 (50m Breast, 100m Breast, 50m Back, 100m Back)

    • Finals NTS Championship 2019 (50m Breast, 100m Breast, 50m Back, 100m Back, 200m Back, 50m Fly, 50m Free)

  • Qualifying times @ level 3 (100m Back, 200m Back, 100m Breast, 200m Breast)

  • Medal @ NTS Championship 2018 (Bronze - 100m Breast)

  • Medals @ NTS Championship 2019 (Silver – 50m Back, Bronze – 200m Back)


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: Underwater

Food: Pizza

Movie / Series: Jumanji

Hannah Liebenberg.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 12

To describe myself in a few words…, I am a very sociable, fun-loving person. I love playing with Biscuit, my crazy French-bulldog puppy and Alvin the hamster, and playing pranks on my two older brothers. At this stage I enjoy sports more than academics 😊, especially swimming and hockey and also netball and athletics. But most of all I enjoy the friends, that do the sports with me!

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place @ School galas in back fly and free 50m

  • Finals @ - NTS Champs 2019 in 200m back, 50 m back, 100m back

  • Qualifying times @ Level 3 for girls u/12 in 100m back, 200m back

  • Bronze Medal - 100m back, NTS Champs 2019, u/11


Stroke: Back

Set: Kicking-set

Food: Anything Chocolate

Movie / Series: Green House Academy on Netflix

Eben vd Merwe.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 11

I am 11 years old and attend school at Tygervalley College.  I love swimming for a club, as it prepares me to achieve and maintain my swimming goals at school level as well – as I am very competitive.  Other than swimming I love doing flips and archery as well.  Chad le Clos is one of my favorite swimmers as he is the best butterfly swimmer.  My goals for this year is to swim a SANJ time.

Notable Achievements:

  • PAC Year End Gala 2019 - Winner: Victor Ludorum (10&U)

  • Broke 2 records : 50m Free & 50m Fly

  • NTS Champs 2019 - 3rd Place 50m breast – Bronze Medal

  • Winner Victor Ludorum - Hillcrest Interschool A league gala

  • 1st place 50m Fly, 2nd place 50m Free

  • Named most valuable swimmer for the school


Stroke – Butterfly

Set – 200IM drill

Food – Prawns

Movie – Rocky   Series – Mrs Brown’s Boys

Anthony Pretorius.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 13

I am a very nice person and always trying to help others. I am always trying to improve myself in everything that i do. I work hard when i am doing anything that involves sport .I am very athletic.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1 final at 2019 champs

  • 2 level 3 times


Stroke: Breaststroke

Set:        10 x 25s under water

Food:    Pasta

Movie:  The upside

abigail scheffer.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 11

I am a very social person. I love swimming. I enjoy baking, but I am not good at it, at least in swimming I know what I am doing most of the time. I swim almost every day of the year and I love doing it.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place @ Prestige 2019, 100m Backstroke

  • 3 finals @ NTS Champs 2019

  • 2 Qualifying times @ Prestige 2019 level 3


   Stroke: Backstroke

   Set: Underwater set

   Food: Popcorn

   Movie / Series: Scorpion

Conrad Meier.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 11

I am a friendly sociable 11 year old boy. I enjoy swimming because it keeps me fit and it is enjoyable.

Notable Achievements:

  • 2 finals at NTS Champs 2019

  • 2 Lvl 3 qualifying times

  • Lvl 2 Mayoral Gala 2019 - 2 gold,  2 silver, 4 bronze medals


Stroke: Freestyle

Set: Sprints

Food: Sushi

Movie: The Journey 2

Troy Storm.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 10

I am 10 years old, I have been swimming with PAC for a year and it is fun and hard work swimming at PAC. I have many friends at PAC and the coaches are fun and funny and I love the coaches and PAC. 

Notable Achievements:

  • Hillcrest Sprint Gala 2019: 1st – 50m Butterfly, 50m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle

  • Mayoral Gala 2019:  1st – 100m Freestyle

  • Level 3 Qualifying Times 2019

  • Medals @ Hillcrest Sprint Gala & Mayoral Gala 2019



Stroke: Butterfly

Set: 200m Fly

Food: Sushi

Movie / Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Leane jv Rensburg


Level 3 Swimmer - 12

I am an energetic, positive and very talkative person.

Swimming doesn’t only teach me discipline but also that support of your club and friends are crucial.

I have realised that hard work and dedication is the way to success.

Notable Achievements:

  • NTS jnr Short Course Champs:  50 m free 4th place, 100 m back 4th place.

  • Hillcrest Sprint Gala:   50 m back 5th place.

  • NTS Invitational Gala 2020:  100 m back 3rd place.


 Stroke: Backstroke.

 Set:20x25 Underwater streamline with fins.



Harold Edward Baker.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 14

My naam is Harold Baker, ek is 14 jaar oud, en gaan skool by Hoërskool Garsfontein.

Swem en Hokkie is my gunsteling sport soorte. Wat ek graag wil bereik met my swem, is om “junior nationals” te haal. Ander belangstelling is fietsry en ek wil graag eendag ʼn Vlieënier word.

Notable Achievements:

  • 2nd Place – Tshwane Mayoral Gala (Freestyle 100m)

  • 3rd Place - Tshwane Mayoral Gala (Freestyle 50m)

  • 3rd Place - Tshwane Mayoral Gala (Backstroke 100m)

  • Level 3 Qualifying Time – 100 Free 2019



Stroke: Freestyle

Food: Seafood

Movie: Venom

Hein Dreyer.jpg


 Level 3 Swimmer - 12

I am a friendly, huggable, fun aquaholic!

Notable Achievements:

  • Gold medal for Breast at Gauteng Short Course 2019

  • 3 years part of PAC NTS Invitational Team

  • 2 years Victor Ludorum at PAC Year-end Gala


Food: Steak and chips

Series: Flash

Stroke: Breaststroke

Set: Underwater

Ruvan pic.jpg


Level 3 Swimmer - 13

I am passionate about swimming and love any kind of water activity. I'm dedicated and committed to improve

Notable achievements:

  • Level 3 qualifying time for 100m freestyle

  • School A team with numerous podium finishes

Stroke: Freestyle and fly
Set: IM
Food: Mac and cheese
Movie/Series: Arrow

Marteli Pieters


Level 2 Swimmer - 14

My name is Marteli. I am 14 years old and my birthday is on the 8th of December.

I like watching television and hanging out with my family and friends. PAC is almost like my second family, and we, swimmers and coaches, spend a lot of time together at the pool.

Swimming is my passion. Although it takes a lot of discipline and dedication, my love for swimming makes the effort so much easier. Nothing is better than improving one’s personal best, and achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place @ Tshwane Mayoral gala 2019 – 100 & 200 Breaststroke

    • Finals @ NTS championships 2019, SA Regionals age group level two 2018

  • Qualifying times for Level 2 in, 100 Free & 50, 100, 200 breaststroke @ Tshwane Mayoral gala                                          

  • Medals @ Tshwane Mayoral gala 2019 (2 gold and 1 bronze), (2 Bronze 2017)


Stroke: Breast

Set: 50 Sprints for time

Food: Pizza

Movie/Series: Friends

Anika Weyers.jpg


Level 2 Swimmer - 16

Ek is 16 , ek is by Hoërskool Waterkloof . Ek hou van swem en ek speel ook netbal. My rolmodel is Wil Smith . And world peace.


Stroke: backstroke


Food: sushi & Mc Donalds

Series: Gillmore girls

Stacey Smith.jpg


Level 2 Swimmer - 11

My name is Stacey Smith I’m eleven years old.  I’m a very outgoing person I don’t stay inside too much. I live with my mom, dad and sister. I started swimming because when you swim learn new things almost every day and you exercise so you can stay in shape. I really enjoy swimming and I can’t wait to learn more.

Notable Achievements:

Level 2 Qualifying Times

Medals @: A League interschools gala 4 March 2020; Bronze medal for 50m Butterfly


Stroke:  breaststroke

Set:  4x50m breaststroke 30 sec rest

Food:  Lasagne, carrots, spaghetti and mince.

Movies:  The Meg

Tiaan Scholtz.jpg


Level 2 Swimmer - 15

I would describe my-self as a hard-working, confident and dedicated young man. I am one who would go the extra mile to be better or accomplish more than what I have previously done. “Success is not final; failure is not final: it is the courage to continue that counts” by Winston Churchill

Notable Achievements:

  • I started swimming in the middle of last year, 2019 at the age of fourteen.

  • I have been to many swim meets where I achieved personal best times.

  • I accomplished my level 2 times at the beginning of the year, 2020.

  • Lastly, I would like to say that I could not attend level 2 regionals due to Covid-19, where I was hoping to improve or compete in the finals.


Stroke: Breast stroke and freestyle

Set: 25/50m sprints

Food: Pasta

Movie / Series: Outer banks

Kganya Mashigo.jpg


Level 1 Swimmer - 11

I’m a 11 yrs old Valentine’s Day baby. I’m bubbly , loving and adventurous. Family road trips are my favourite but special overseas trips always put’s a twinkle in my eyes.

When I’m in the pool I feel alive, happy and free. Swimming brightens up all my days!

                  I’M A SWIMMER!!!

Notable Achievements:

  • Will be swimming my first competitive gala this coming season!


Stroke: Freestyle