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The Swimmers behind the goggles!!

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Senior National Swimmer - 25

I am a dedicated, hard working swimmer who loves to push the limits. Swimming is not only a passion for me, but a lifestyle. When I am not swimming, I am either in the gym, coaching or studying for my Honours degree in Psychology.

Notable Achievements:

  • Finalist: SA Short Course, SA Senior Nationals, Swiss Senior Nationals

  • 4th in 50 and 100 Fly – SA Short Course

  • 2nd in 4x50 Medley and Free relay – SA Short Course

  • 1st 100 Fly – NTS Champs

  • 1st 50 Fly – CGA Short Course


Stroke: Butterfly

Set:        40 x 25 Underwater Fly Kicking with Fins

Food:    Sushi

Movie / Series: Criminal Minds

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Senior National Swimmer - 18

I am currently a medical student at the University of Pretoria. I live life loving others and deeply value the people in my life. I am passionate, determined, committed, hardworking and make the most of every opportunity I am given. Swimming has always been a big part of my life and I consider my team mates and coaches to be family.

Notable Achievements:

  • Qualified to swim Senior Nationals (2017-2020).

  • Medallist: NTS Champs, SA Short Course, Cana Zone IV (Mauritius), SA Schools, Inter high A-league and Rossini Cup

  • Finalist: SA Junior Nationals, NTS Champs, SA Short Course, TYR Prestige and SA Schools

  • Represented Swimming South Africa at the Cana Zone 4 Championships (2016), was part of the provincial team going to Mozambique (2015 and 2016) and the tour going to Italy (2018).


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: Nothing feels better than completing a seemingly impossible set.

Food: Fresh and healthy food. A Sunday braai.

Movie/ Series: Bones/ The Blacklist

Cailey Sauvage.jpg


Senior National Swimmer - 15

I would consider myself an energetic, caring, kind and willing to take up challenges, person. I am someone who believes a positive mindset and hard work is exactly what has got me to where I am today. I’ve had a true love for swimming since day one and am passionate about it. I am very grateful for my family who are supportive and my coaches for all the hard work and extra hours they put in.                                                                                  Notable Achievements:

  • Record at NTS Champs 2016 (50m breaststroke), numerous records at Woodhill Academy / PAC Year End Gala.

  • Finalist at SANJ 2017 (50m breaststroke), 2018 (50m, 100m, 200m breaststroke), 2019 (400m I.M, 200m I.M, 200m breaststroke), finalist and medalist at NTS Champs 2016-2019, finalist at SA Short Course Champs 2019 (200m breaststroke).

  • Youth qualifying times 2018-2020 (400m I.M, 200m I.M, 100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke).

  • Italy, Treviso and Pesaro Swim Cup.

  • 5/more medals at NTS Champs 2016-2019


Stroke: Breaststroke and I.M

Set: 6x400m I.M / Classic Hell Week I.M Christmas Tree

Food: Sushi

Movie / Series: Grey’s Anatomy / Little Fires Everywhere / Chicago Fire

Annika Fechter.jpg


Senior National Swimmer - 16

I am very dedicated and hard-working person. I do every task to the best of my abilities. I am very passionate about swimming and have a deep love for my sport. I enjoy spending time with family and friends in my spare time.

Notable Achievements:

  • SANJ Silver Medallists & Seniors Youth Bronze Medallist in 2019

  • Finalist at SANJ (50 & 100 fly) and Seniors (50 fly) in 2019

  • SANJ and Seniors qualifying 2019 & 2020

  • Italy, Treviso and Pesaro Swim Cup Finalist and Silver Medallists

  • NTS Championships Finalist and Medallists (2016 – 2019)


Strokes: Butterfly

Set: 8×50 MS off the blocks for time with rest

Food: Pizza

Movies/Series: Arrow

Ane Meier.jpg


Senior National Swimmer - 14

I am a self driven, motivated individual. I enjoy the swimming environment, galas and competing. I think a lot and flourish on challenges.

Notable Achievements:

  • Senior National Time 2020

  • 3 Youth Times 2020

  • SANJ 2019 silver and bronze medallist

  • NTS Champs 2019 3 x bronze medallist, finals

  • SA Short Course 2019 semi- final

  • Top SA ranking 2020 - 3rd 14 yr 50 fly

  • Treviso Italy and Pesaro Swim Cup Finalist 2018

  • NTS SC 100 m back record 11-12 yr


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: Sprints

Food: Fruit

Movie: Outbanks

Bentley Harradine.jpg


Senior National Swimmer - 16

I would say I am a very enthusiastic person, who likes to work hard and always willing to take on a

challenge. I want to take my swimming career further and to achieve my dream. I am not one that

falls under pressure easily. I love training and being in the company of the team.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place @ TYR Prestige 2019 100m Backstroke

  • Made Finals @ Italy Pesaro 2018, TYR Prestige 2019, Champs 2019, (100, 200 Back,200 Free)

  • Qualifying times @ TYR Prestige 2019 (Youth and Junior Nationals)

  • Medals @ Italy Pesaro 2018, NTS short course 2019, TYR Prestige 2019, Champs 2019


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: 20 x 100m Kicking @1:45

Food: See Food (everything I see I eat)

Movie / Series: The A team

Gideon Pac Gala 2019..jpg


Senior National Swimmer - 17

I am a passionate and dedicated swimmer.  I aspire to achieve the highest possible level in swimming.  I am a firm believer in maintaining a balance between my swimming, academics and social activities.  Over the years swimming has taught me valuable lessons, which I am grateful for.

Notable Achievements:

  • Best junior swimmer Hillcrest Sprints 2018

  • Records @ PAC year end gala 2020

  • 5 finals @ 2017 SANJ, 3 finals @ 2018 SANJ & 2 finals @ 2019 SANJ

  • 6 finals @ NTS Champs 2019

  • Qualifying times @ SANJ 2015-2019 & Seniors 2019

  • Medals @ NTS Invitational 2020 & TYR Prestige 2019


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: IM Sets

Food: Chicken Schnitzel with mushroom sauce and roast veggies

Movie / Series: Not confined to a specific one/type.

Calista Mentz.jpg


Senior National Swimmer - 16

I am a passionate , confident , hard-working and adventurous person always looking for new challenges to take on. I love swimming and truly  have a passion for it.  I am determined to reach my full potential. I love pushing myself to the limit and spending time with my friends and family.

Notable Achievements:

  • Junior national qualifying time

  • Senior National qualifying time

  • Nts championship finalist 2019 (100m butterfly, 200m IM, 50m backstroke)

  • High school D league Junior Victrix ledorum 2020 ( 200 IM gold medal), (50m backstroke+butterfly gold medals), ( Medley, freestyle and ladder relay gold medals)

  • Regional level 3 medalist (100m breaststroke gold), (50m backstroke bronze), (50m breaststroke silver), (200 breaststroke bronze), (Freestyle relay gold), (Medley relay gold)


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: 50m sprint sets

Food: pizza

Movie / Series: Outer Banks

Aidan Paveley.jpg


Junior National Swimmer - 16

I’m a hard-working person who loves swimming. I have been doing it most of my life and I hope to be doing it for a long time to come. When I’m not swimming I Enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

Notable Achievements:

  • Qualifying for Junior Nationals in 2016,2017,2018 & 2020

  • 3 Junior Nationals finals for 200 Backstroke

  • Italy Swim Tour Team Member 2018

  • Silver for 400IM at NTS Champs


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: 6 x 400 IM descend

Food: chicken snitchel

Movie / Series: Suits

Benno Strydom.jpg


Junior National Swimmer - 16

I am an easy-going individual with a hard-working and committed approach to getting to where  I want to be. I love swimming and have a great passion for the sport. I enjoy being around my friends and having a good time with whatever I'm busy with.

Notable Achievements:

  • Italy, Treviso and Pesaro Swim Cup

  • 2 Finals @SANJ 2019 (100 fly, 200fly)

  • SANJ Qualifying 2018 & 2019

  • 3 Finals @NTS Championships 2019


Stroke: Butterfly

Set: 8x50s Fly off the blocks on 5:00 for time

Food: Chicken

Movie / Series: Stranger Things

Henk - Midmar2020.JPG


Junior National Swimmer - 15

I am totally dedicated to swimming. It is my greatest passion.  I also enjoy doing middle distance

running and playing hockey.  I want to take my  swimming to the highest level and I dream of being

able to swim for an American University Team in the future.       

Notable Achievements:

  • Achieved SA National Junior Qualifying times in 100m and 200m Freestyle since age 13

  • Gold Medals 100m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle, Bronze 100m Butterfly @ 2020 NTS Invitational Gala

  • Victor Ludorum at Inter Schools Gala 2018, 2019 and 2020

  • Several new records set at each of the Inter Schools Galas


Stroke: Freestyle

Set: 50m and 100m sprint sets

Food: Depends on the moment

Movie / Series: Band of Brothers/1917

Jonathan Scheffer.jpg


Junior National Swimmer - 14

Swimming is my passion. I am very committed to swimming. I work hard in training and at school. Loyalty and trustworthiness are important to me in swimming as well as friendships. When I do get free time, I enjoy gaming. I would like to be a professional swimmer one day.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place @ NTS Champs 2019

  • Records @ Maragon Olympus school 2019

  • Finals @ Prestige 2019

  • Qualifying times @ 2017-2019 SANJ times

  • Medals @ NTS Champs 2017


Stroke: Backstroke

Set: Sprints

Food: Sushi

Movie / Series: Bondi Rescue

Ruth Dredge Bio Pic.jpg


Junior National Swimmer - 11

I am sporty, friendly, talkative, have always loved being in the water ever since I can remember. Love spending time with my family and being at the beach.

Notable Achievements:

  • 1st place: NTS champs, NTS invitational gala, NTS and Aquatics Gauteng Short Course gala, Primary schools A League gala, Hillcrest Sprint Gala

  • Records: 100m butterfly under 12 girls at NTS invitational 2020, numerous Woodhill College Swimming Records as well as Woodhill Swimming Academy. Gauteng and Gauteng North Lifesaving records.

  • Finals: Level 3, Prestige gala, NTS champs

  • Qualifying Times: 100 free Jnr national time

  • Medals: The Top 11 and under swimmer at NTS champs 2019 (Guppie award), Jnr and snr Victrix Ludorum at Woodhill College.


Stroke: Freestyle

Set: Sprint set

Food: Spaghetti bolognaise

Movie/series: Narnia

anke pic.jpg


Junior National Swimmer (12)

I am a happy-go-lucky type of person, but when I get into the water, I become a fighter.  I am an active person who gives my best in all that I do.  I love animals and enjoy spending time with my family.

Notable Achievements:

Place:  1st place @ NTS Champ 2019, Gauteng short course gala as well as regionals

Records:  100m backstroke NTS Champs 2019

                   50m backstroke NTS Champs 2019

Finals:  6 finals @ NTS Champs 2019

Qualifying Times:  Qualify for Junior Nationals 2020 in 100m backstroke

Medals:  3 X gold and 4 x silver medals at NTS Champs 2019

                 Junior (2017/2018) and Senior (2019) Victrix Ludorium at Laerskool Garsfontein


Stroke:  Backstroke

Food: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Set:  Sprint sets

Movies/Series:  Modern Familiy